Cosmos Red

A suite of Red Apps that run in Sabre Red Workspace and assist the agent in the reservation building process. Each app automates a different part of the workflow, from fare shopping to booking fulfilment. Apps interact with each other and are presented in a compact and uniform user interface that natively coexists within Sabre Red. They are triggered either manually or automatically based on agent actions. A basic common property of the apps is the fact that they bring quality control features in the booking process without the user changing environment and accessing a mid or back office. They can also enforce them by stopping the fulfilment commands if the agent tries to bypass the procedure.

The suite uses the setup of Travel Force Cosmos and thus brings the same functionality that is available post ticketing in SRW without extra effort. The same functionality is available in a standalone suite with its own CMS called Cosmos Red SARA (link to SARA)

The suite contains the following apps:

Preferred Vendors
Highlights Sabre’s response and displays a list of preferred and embargoed vendors by the agency or the client, based on the destination. Ideal for sales target achievement and client company policy enforcing. Read More >>

Cosmos Red conclusion

All processes are concluded before ticketing!
A fully verified IUR is produced, ready for touch-less invoicing by Travel Force Cosmos or other back office systems.
The Sabre user does not have to work outside Sabre Red Workspace.
Travel Consultants do not need to be trained to use the mid/back office system.

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Panasoft is an international information technology company, originated from Greece, with the sole objective to develop high quality software solutions for the Travel Industry and stand behind those products with unparalleled after-sales support.

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