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A red app which ensures that the PNR contains fields (remarks or UDIDs) that are required by the company or by the client in order to be used by a back office system for various accounting and reporting purposes. These can be tied to the passenger (e.g. employee number, client department), the segment/product (e.g. project code, trip purpose code, fare savings) or the whole PNR (e.g. authorized by, destination). The app cooperates with Sabre Profiles and scripts in order to retrieve most of the values needed if they have already been downloaded in the PNR. It ensures that the correct format is used and that the required ones have been entered. It supports even mixed complex formats as well as multiple choice field and master details ones (fields that are based on another field’s value).

The app has a setup component to manage the profile elements and their formats as required by the receiving application. It starts with any Sabre command, in order to ensure that it is executed before ticketing and can be streamlined with Service Fee and Credit Check.


Ensures that the PNR contains specific pieces of information that are required by the Agency or by the Customer, in order to be used by a back office system for various invoicing, accounting and reporting purposes.

Flexible creation of custom fields and validations.

Applies either to the passenger, the segment/product, or the whole PNR.

Works in conjunction with Sabre Profiles and scripts and pre loads profile elements.

Does not allow ticketing until all required data is validated.

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